Welcome to Athas!

A world as rough and unforgiving as its inhabitants. You will find no solace in this desert landscape. No narrow niche of hiding or sliver of shadow to remain cool. Your hide will be ever vulnerable to the chafing winds that scuff the bone and stone within streets and wilds alike. You will be made hard by this place. You will learn to love it for this duty.

Life has moved on as it does on Athas. Finding yourself in a comfortable position as the Sorcerer Kings devoted templar you have no reason to question the daily routine of slave beatings, forced taxation, and general acts of tyranny from the despotic ruler of this city. It is what puts fermented juice in your belly and faro in your fields. What better life than to rule in hell? As you have seen, it is far better than serving in heaven.

Alas, the winds of change do blow, even more so within this cruel and capricious landscape. Bearing ones nose to these winds will yield a foul stench like no other. One that would strike fear into even the most fiendish of rulers. One of a deterioration of present circumstances.

One of rebellion…

Tyrannical Means

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